Range : Tube bending machines

Technical Presentation of the tube bending machine TE Small

Main features

  • From 0.12″ to 0.79×0.08″ / 3 to 20×2 mm
  • Applications : Automotive : hydraulic and fluid transfer lines, H.V.A.C.C., ERG tubes
  • Air et Space : hydraulic piping circulation control wing, fuel, structure
  • Electric bending machines
  • Stackable multi-radii
  • Draw bending with and without mandrel
  •  Patent on left and right bending
  • Orbital bending head
  • Easy integration in automated production cells
  • Possibility to combine bending with complementary operations
Small Tube Benders - TE06LR - Numalliance

Man / Machine Interface

  • Industrial-Grade PC powered by proprietary software
  • Multilingual dialog and programming interface on a 19″ touch screen
  • Simulation program
  • Additional I/O
  • Internet connection : remote assistance and chat room
  • Auto-corrective feedback from 3D-measuring devices
  • Tool editor allows programming of complex parts
  • Simulation tool to facilitate part set-up
  • Program execution in slow motion
Max tube ø.25x.03" at 58 Ksi / 6,35x0,75 mm at 400N/mm²
.315x.03" at 36 Ksi / 8x0,75 mm at 250 N/mm²
.625x.08" at 58 Ksi / 16x2 mm at 400N/mm²
.80x.08" at 36 Ksi / 20x2 mm at 250N/mm²
.625x.08" at 58 Ksi / 16x2 mm at 400N/mm²
.80x.08" at 36 Ksi / 20x2 mm at 250N/mm²
71x.08” at 58 Ksi/ 18x2mm at 400N/mm² 80x.08” at 36 Ksi/20x2mm at 250N/mm² .80x.08" at 58 Ksi / 20x2 mm at 400N/mm²
.625x.08" at 85 Ksi / 16x2 mm at 600 N/mm² 600N/mm²
Tube length47 to 78" / 1200 to 2000 mm47 to 118" / 1200 to 3000 mm32" / 800 mm32" / 1200 to 3000mm 79 to 157" / 2000 to 3000 mm
Max bending radius1" / 25 mm2" ( or 2.4" if 1 tool ) / 50 mm (or 62 if 1 tool)2,4" / 62 mm2” (or 2.4” if 1 stack) 50mm (or 62mm if 1 stack)2" / 50 mm
Bending tools3
Left and right
Left and right
1 jusqu'à 3
Left and right
4 stacks Left and right4
Left and/or right

Example of parts made with the tube bending machine TE Small

Our services


With internet connection we can remotely establish an accurate diagnostics and troubleshoot your machine.


Spare parts are available in various locations throughout the world, ready for immediate delivery.


NUMALLIANCE offers logistics service to ship equipment to your door and can offer assistance at start up and ramp up phase.


We provide initial training for your production, as well as maintenance teams at machine start and throughout the lifetime of your machine.


Our Engineering team helps you with parts feasibility and tooling design, at your request.


Get the most most uptime for your Numalliance-customized equipment  with after-sales services contract.

Download the documentation of the tube bending machine TE Small

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