Air and Space : Long Lasting Repeatability

"CNC machines for accuracy and quality"

The Air and Space indutry requires a more constant quality rather than a high level of production. NUMALLIANCE‘s equipment is designed for this as well, being engineered to constantly produce repeatable parts.

Numalliance answers to the manufacturing needs of various sectors. Following is a non-exhaustive list of components manufactured by our customers on our machines.

Fluid Handling (HVAC, Oil, Fuel, Exhaust Line)

Kerosene supply systems, hot air and gas transfer parts all require extremely high accuracy operations.

Air and Space
Air and Space
Air and Space
Aéronautique - Tube
Air and Space

And so much more

Numalliance is your partner for all  wire, tube and strip/flat-stock forming projects.

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In order to better meet your needs, please tell us in which sector of activity you work, with which type of wire / tubes / flat-stocks and any information that can help us guide you in your search for solutions.

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