Building expertise in construction on wire at a time

"Hooks, Staples, Anchors : versatility by excellence"

Corrugated or plain wire finds multiple application in the construction world, from brick laying spacer, reinforcement or refractory anchors the user-friendly HMI from Numalliance’s machine enables you to use the capability at the fullest and versatily with single minute exchange tooling technology.

Numalliance answers many manufacturing needs across a variety of different industries. Below is a brief list of components manufactured by our customers on our machines.

Anchors and roof tile hooks

Made from basic,  galvanized, stainless steel wire or flat-stock, construction applications come many shapes and sizes.  

Bâtiment -Cadenas
Bâtiment - fer à béton

Rebar and Reinforcement

Corrugated or plain wire are often used in foundations but also in reinforcement struts for cell phone tower trusses.

Paint Rollers and Tools

Lets paint! Our machines are used to make everything from paint roller handles, to simple hooks for use in paint booths for suspension.


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