Retail relies on NUMALLIANCE

"Volume and Diversity : The Devil is in Retail"

Retail has challenges of its own. It has to combine high volume with extreme versatility with increasingly tighter tolerances, in order to enable ease of installation for point of purchase systems, enhance visibility to the consumer with their displays or ensure perfect nesting of shopping carts.

Numalliance answers the manufacturing needs in different industries. Below is a brief list of components manufactured by our customers on our machines.


In order to ensure a high ease of implementation while offering a diversity in shapes, use of components made by cold-forming metal wire or tube is widely spread among manufacturers of Point Of Purchase (POP) display articles.

Component for store
Wire component for retail
POP display articles
Point Of Purchase article
Component for retail
Article made from metal wire

And so much more

In our daily lives, we come across numerous articles made from metal wire, tube or strip. Can you spot them?

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