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With NUMALLIANCE standard line of equipment Automotive OEM and Tier suppliers have found ideal solutions to match their requirements in terms of accuracy, reliability and cycle time. With capability to bend wire up to 16 mm (5/8″) diameter, tube up to 228 mm (9”) OD or flat stock/ strips. Numalliance has defined a complete line of equipment for E-Mobility production for Stator and Bus Bar Production. 

Numalliance answers the manufacturing needs in different industries. Below is a brief list of components manufactured by our customers on our machines.



Evolving with the Automotive industry, Numalliance offers machines and workcells to manufacture electric motors’ components like Stator and Bus-Bars 

Find more details on the page dedicated to E-mobility.

Busbar for high voltage distribution
Busbar for e-mobility application
Hairpin for electric vehicles
Automobile - Rehausse de siège - Numalliance
Automobile - nappe de siege - Numalliance
Part of automobile seat
Component for the Automotive industry
Wire component for car
Part of car seat
Seat component
Component for car seat


Car seats are a great display of our know-how in wire, tube and spring forming. Structural parts, such as seat frames and bases are made out of tube. Comfort parts, such as lumbar supports or foam inserts are made of spring wire, and safety items such as isofixes and head rests are made of either wire or tube. All of them share the same  tight tolerances, high volumes and continuous productivity requirements.

Fluid Handling (HVAC, Oil, Fuel, Exhaust Line)

Numalliance has developped high productivity solutions, customized to brake and hydraulic systems, fuel lines, HVAC and airbag applications, oftentime integrating them into complete workcells in order to make complete parts or sub components. 

Oil tube for car engine
Component made by Numalliance for the automotive industry
FAB tube for automotive
Airbag tube for cars
Tube part
Automobile - Injection moteur - Numalliance
Air conditioning tube for cars
Automobile - Crochet d echappement double - Numalliance
Exhaust system for automotive
Automobile - tube d echappement - Numalliance
Exhaust pipe for automative application
Exhaust tube for automotive application
Exhaust pipe car

Exhaust systems

From manifolds to tail-end-pipes, all main OEM and Tier Suppliers rely on NUMALLIANCE’s solutions to solve the puzzle that modern emission control line demand answers for with a particular competitive advantage, especially in muffler hanger production. 

Industrial vehicles

Industrial vehicles such as tractors, combine harvesters, bulldozers, excavators and trucks require many robust wire and tube parts such as: exhaust pipes, door strikers, headlight guards, tedder teeth…

Tubes for industrial vehicles
Tube for industrial vehicles
Wire part for industrial vehicles
Part for industrial vehicles
Wire component for Automotive
Automotive component
Component for seats
Automobile - Bras de flotteur - Numalliance
Piece for automotive application

And so much more

From structural elements to multi-material hoses and connectors, or interior trim and components  to wiper arms and beam bumper, the possibilities are endless. With ever more complex parts, NUMALLIANCE’s machines are designed to maintain a profitable, flexible and succeful production line. 

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