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Thanks to NUMALLIANCE’s machines, designing and realizing even the most complicated parts using steel wire has never been as easy. Be it the simplicity in programming or using our “import 3D file” feature on our software, designers are able to realize their prototypes in almost no time.

Numalliance answers many manufacturing needs across a variety of different industries. Below is a brief list of components manufactured by our customers on our machines.

Interior Design

Like a stroke of art, realizing parts made from metal wire on our machines allows designers to create their masterpiece.


Home Appliance

Dish-washer baskets, shelves, oven grills or even refrigerator parts: NUMALLIANCE can propose manufacturing solutions adapted for components dedicated for use in home appliances.


Mostly in stainless steel, components for use in medical sectors must answer to strict compliances in order to be used for medial use, focusing on precision, durability and ease of maintenance.

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