Leading manufacturer in productivity solutions for wire, tube and flatstock forming

With the expertise, history and experience of 9 brands gathered under one banner  Numalliance is dedicated to satisfy your needs. From standard or custom built machines and workcells for tube, wire and flat stock bending, to special hydraulic presses, and all other secondary operations your end product might require.

Leading manufacturer in productivity solutions for wire, tube and flatstock bending, Numalliance conceives and realises standard or custom-made installations, integrating ancillary operations such as endforming, flattening, punching, assembly, welding, upsetting, chamfering, machining, threading… as well as inline dimensional control and self correction.

You are a producer of metal part in wire, tube or flatsotck parts, and look for a cost effective way of doing so. Numalliance will innovate with you and propose the optimized and high-performance solutions tailored to your specific objective

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Our solutions

NUMALLIANCE is never short of innovation in order to find solutions adapted to the evolving needs of its customers and to meet the challenges that their industrial specificities require. This innovation is based in a tight collaboration with its customers and prospects.

Wire / Flat stock benders

A complete range of CNC bending machines that responds to many specificities from 0.8 to 16mm diameter (.032 to .625″) rated at 600N / mm² (87 Ksi) and handle different nuances of materials (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper …)

Tube benders

Our fully electric CNC tube benders cover tube diameters from 4 to 152mm (.16″to 6″). Equipped with multi-stacks and multi-radii, they can bend with or without mandrel, or by rolling, and have a system of quick tool change and embedded cutter.

Endforming of the wire / tube

Discover our single or multi hits all electric endforming including the new electric Numaform, available in ram power of 5/8/12 and 30 T for material ranging from 3mm to 250mm (.12″to 10″). Some models are still available in Hydraulic.

Cutting wire / tube

The new all-electric CTR-e expands our range of cutting machines, and offers the ability to cut tubes from 40 to 76x2mm diameter without chips.



Our presses are suitable for the transformation of metals, composites and thermosettings. As for all our products, we can offer you fully customized solutions as well as turnkey production lines.

Secondary Operation and Ancillary Equipment

Any part produced usually requires some kind of other operation before or after forming. Over time Numalliance has developed its own set of capabilities to position, transfer, chamfer, thread, punch, cut, mark notch hydroform your products, that can be integrated at your own will.


Our solution are electric or hydraulic based and can be used as stand alone or integrated in a workcell.

Upsetting / Cold Heading

Our line of single-hit end formers perform using cold forming techniques. This is particularly suitable for the exhaust hangers in wire and  tube  heading and collars. The part can be dimensionally checked after the cold heading operation, and perform corrective action is need be. For quality and energy efficiency purpose, these units are now available in “all-electric” version.


Transfer devices such as robots, can be easily integrated into all machines in the NUMALLIANCE range, as a part of working cell. The Numalliance NC “Touch & Form” is now capable of controlling the robot PLC allowing direct programming from the Numalliance platform. Numalliance calls this Transparent Robotics

2D and 3D Control

Reducing scrap, set up time and change-over is key for a profitable production line. CMM arms, visual measuring device and Numalliance’s in house go/no-go gauge systems enable self-correction on the benders.

Industry Served


Paint roller handles, paint hooks,

Air and Space

Engine tubes, fuel lines, Exhaust pipes, HVAC, Fluid handlings..


Head rests, exhaust hangers, floating rod arms, stabilization bars, exhaust lines, windshield wiper blade holders, brake lines, HVAC, Airbags...


Grape hooks, critters traps, clips, tomato hooks, linkage rods, bail handles, ...


Stackable chairs, handles and levy, bottle racks …


Shopping carts display racks and hooks…

Other Industries

Home decoration, houshold appliances, sanitary, food, medical...

NUMALLIANCE adapts to the requirements and needs of new customers in all fields. The large base of our customers’ businesses, combined with our flexibility, allow us to use cross fertilization techniques to keep us at the forefront of innovation, in order to find applicable solutions every day.

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