Parts made on tube forming machine 40CC

Main features

  • Punching force : from 20 to 70 metric tons
  • From Ø 2 to 10″ / 50 to 254 mm
  • Hydraulic or electric machine
  • Endforming before or after bending thanks to its accessibility from 3 sides
  • Tooling adaptation flexibility
  • Up to 7 toolings (more on request)
  • Easy integration in automated production cells
  • Possibility to combine endforming with other complementary operations

Man / Machine interface

  • Industrial-Grade PC
  • Multilingual dialog and programming interface on a 19″ touch screen
  • Simulation program
  • Additional I/O
  • Internet connection : remote assistance and chat room
  • Auto-corrective feedback from 3D-measuring devices
  • Tool editor allows programming of complex parts
  • Simulation tool to facilitate part set-up
  • Program execution in slow motion

Leading manufacturer in productivity solutions for wire, tube and flatstock forming

With the expertise, history and experience of 9 brands gathered under one banner  Numalliance is dedicated to satisfy your needs. From standard or custom built machines and workcells for tube, wire and flat stock bending, to special hydraulic presses, and all other secondary operations your end product might require.

Leading manufacturer in productivity solutions for wire, tube and flatstock bending, Numalliance conceives and realises standard or custom-made installations, integrating ancillary operations such as endforming, flattening, punching, assembly, welding, upsetting, chamfering, machining, threading… as well as inline dimensional control and self correction.

You are a producer of metal part in wire, tube or flatsotck parts, and look for a cost effective way of doing so. Numalliance will innovate with you and propose the optimized and high-performance solutions tailored to your specific objective

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