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The Eaton Leonard, AddisonMcKee and Eagle brands joined the Numalliance group in 2020.
These brands are distributed through our new company “AddEaton by Numalliance” located in the United States (Lebanon, Ohio) and Mexico ( Querétaro).

AddEaton by Numalliance completes the Numalliance tube range with a high-performance offer of toolingbending and endforming in the United States, Mexico and the rest of the world.

AddEaton by Numalliance range :



The bestseller tube bending machines are the VB19, VB25, VB42, VB65, VB90.

The bestseller tube endforming machines are the FM70, FM100 and FM150 – in “Tube Sizing Machine”, “Tube Expanding/Reducing Machine” and “Ram Forming Machine” models incorporating Hydra-Green Technology.

Eaton Leonard, AddisonMckee and Eagle machines and tools are always available and are manufactured at the AddEaton facilities in Lebanon (Ohio, US) and Querétaro (Mexico).

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AddEaton by Numalliance
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AddEaton by Numalliance
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Tooling, bending and endforming machines brands

AddisonMckee logo

Addison Machine Tools Ltd was founded in the United Kingdom in 1956 by Eddie Addison. The company started producing tube bending machines in 1958. McKee Machine Tool Company, formerly SEMCO, was founded as a machine shop in 1972 by Ralph McKee in Wilmington, Ohio (USA). As both companies shared a common focus on the tube manipulation industry, and complimentary products. The two joined together as sales agents for each other. The two formerly came together under the same ownership and, same name, AddisonMckee, in 1998. Today, the AddisonMckee brand continues to provide innovative equipment and tooling solutions for CNC tube bending and endforming.

Eaton Leonard Logo

Eaton Leonard was founded in 1973 in Santa Ana, California, by Homer Eaton and Leonard Zerlaut. At this time, the company introduced the first tube measuring system to the tube manipulation industry. Over the years, Eaton Leonard became an industry leader in the areas of tube bending and measuring. In September 2013, Eaton Leonard merged with AddisonMckee bringing together the ingenuity, creativity, and global scale of both companies and its employees to better serve the combined customer base.

The bending machines VB19, VB25, VB42, VB65, VB90 are the best seller of this brand. They are used worldwide, especially in the automotive and aeronautical sectors.

Eagle Precision Technologies logo

Eagle Precision Technologies was started by George Usher and Don Wilkins in 1958. The company grew into a global market leader in the tube manipulation industry. In the 1970’s, Eagle expanded its business model to enter into silencer making. In 1982 Eagle purchased one of the global leaders in silencer making equipment, the United Kingdom-based Moon Brothers, eventually changing the name to Eagle Precision UK. Eagle merged in 2009 with AddisonMckee, consolidating their bending and endforming technologies. Today, the Eagle brand name continues to be synonymous with design and manufacture of the highest quality muffler-related products.

For more information :

Press Release, January 17th, 2020 :

The Numalliance Group, specialized in productivity solutions for wire, tube and flat stock forming, announces the acquisition, via the creation of a new company “AddEaton by Numalliance, Inc.”, of the assets of Addition Manufacturing Technologies in the USA and in Mexico. With this acquisition, the Addition employees and historical know-how will be developed jointly with the ones of Numalliance, in order to offer our customers leading edge solutions. Addition patents, intellectual property and historical trademarks (Addison McKee, Eaton Leonard, Eagle) are included within the transaction.

AddEaton by Numalliance rounds up the product range proposed by Numalliance, resulting in a more complete product offering to the benefit of our customers in terms of tooling, bending and end forming, in the USA, Mexico and the entire world.

The Numalliance group pursues its growth strategy, using its 4 strategic pillars:

  • Customer Satisfaction, by developing and providing a strong global network to serve our customers;
  • Innovation, in order to give a competitive advantage to our customers through R&D and innovative products;
  • Complementarity, as demonstrated by this acquisition;
  • And Profitability, in order to ensure the sustainability of the company, and to secure employment for the future generation.

“With this acquisition, the Numalliance group continues to develop solutions to the benefit of our customer, by increasing its global footprint to be closer to its customer base, for tooling, service and machines”, said Joël Etienne, President and Founder of the Numalliance Group