Technical Presentation of the h-P

Main features

  • Low noise level
  • Configurable cycle management
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Stroke and force control
  • Controlled holding and decompression pressure
  • Full tonnage throughout enitre stroke
  • Conformity to hydraulic press and machine guidelines and norms
  • Physical operator protection with safety valves
  • Complete nomenclatures and technical specifications

Man / Machine Interface

  • Clean and silent operation
  • High forming flexibility
  • Long working life
  • Controlled and accurate stroke
  • Modular with optional functions
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Greater adaptability
  • Integrated overload protection
  • High tonnage capacity
Press specificationsArch guiding ramArch guiding ram
Maximum force100T200T
Moving partUpper platenUpper platen
Tables/Platens dimensions800 x 600 mm1600 x 1200 mm
Tables / platens featuresT-slotsT-slots
Number of main cylinders(x1)(x1)
Stroke500 mm1200 mm
Daylight800 mm1500 mm
Approach speed200 mm/s200 mm/s
Slow working speed15 mm/s10 mm/s
Fast opening speed150 mm/s150 mm/s
Operating control / ScreenSiemens S7 / 12"Siemens S7 / 12"
Pressure sensoranalogic 0-10Vanalogic 0-10V
Operator safetySide panels + SICK light curtains in frontSide panels + SICK light curtains in front
Measuring rod strokeLineare analogic 0-10VLineare analogic 0-10V

Example of parts made with the h-P

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