Environmentally and economically beneficial solutions with the retrofit

Towards an engaged production

At Numalliance, we constantly endeavor to reduce our environmental impact by providing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions.

Our retrofit services and refurbished machines are a step forward in that direction.

We recycle old machines, reuse parts and conponents in good working condition thereby reducing waste to provide you with environmentally and economically beneficial solution.

Key aspects

Your advantages

Two solutions to choose from

Electric retrofit

Complete electric upgrade. New electrical cabinet. Upgraded control software. New wiring upgraded motors and drive cards. Overall cleaning and preventive mechanical maintenance. 1 year warranty on replaced parts.

Complete retrofit

It is like buying a new machine. Fully retrofit models undergo a complete mechanical repair and overhaul, thorough inspection and cleaning including complete repaint as well as a total electrical retrofit. Updated CE certification with 1 year warranty on the machine.

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Your machine needs an upgrade, and you wish it to be done at your factory. No problem ! Numalliance can carry out an on-site mechanical upgrade including a complete check, overall cleaning, and replacement of worn-out parts. The new parts carry a warranty of 3 months. 

Contact us now if you are interested.

Numalliance believes in quality. That’s why our machines are made of high-grade materials and solid construction that give them a very long life. We propose our range of 2nd hand machines for sale or lease basis. Be assured that these machines undergo complete check of all mechanical components, overall cleaning, and replacement of used parts. These machines are certified Numalliance quality and come with 3 months warranty.

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Looking to change your old Numalliance machine ? Contact us now. We will be looking forward to make you a Trade-in / Buy-back offer.

Looking for a reliable solution ?

In order to better meet your needs, please specify your sector of activity, the type of raw material (wire / tube / flat-stock) and any other information that can help us in your search for the most appropriate solution.

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