Range : Sequential machines

Technical Presentation of the CNC bending machine FTX

The most advanced bending technology.

Main features

  • From .12 to .625″ / 3 to 16 mm
  • Wire and tube
  • 3D bending from coil
  • Double bend
  • The most advanced bending technology
  • Bending head moving freely around the material
  • 1 bending head with multiple radii
  • Simple and easy to configure tooling
  • Single minute exchange tooling
  • Integrated safety gate system
  • 7 digital axes

Man / Machine Interface

  • Industrial-Grade PC powered by proprietary software
  • Multilingual dialog and programming interface on a 19″ touch screen
  • Simulation program
  • Additional I/O
  • Internet connection : remote assistance and chat room
  • Auto-corrective feedback from 3D-measuring devices
  • Tool editor allows programming of complex parts
  • Simulation tool to facilitate part set-up
  • Program execution in slow motion
FTX08 G4FTX10 G4FTX13 G4FTX 13 G8FTX 14 G8FTX16 G8
Wire capacity at 600 N/mm² or 85 Ksi .10 to .325" / 2,5 to 8 mm .12 to .375" / 3 to 10 mm .16 to .50" / 4 to 13 mm .16 to .50" / 4 to 13 mm.16 to .55" / 4 to 14 mm.20 to .625" / 5 to 16 mm

Example of parts made with the CNC bending machine FTX

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Services - Télémaintenance


With internet connection we can remotely establish an accurate diagnostics and troubleshoot your machine.

Numalliance - pièces de rechange


Spare parts are available in various locations throughout the world, ready for immediate delivery.

Service - Logistique


NUMALLIANCE offers logistics service to ship equipment to your door and can offer assistance at start up and ramp up phase.

Services - Formation


We provide initial training for your production, as well as maintenance teams at machine start and throughout the lifetime of your machine.

Numalliance - Faisabilité


Our Engineering team helps you with parts feasibility and tooling design, at your request.

Services - Contrat de maintenance


Get the most most uptime for your Numalliance-customized equipment  with after-sales services contract.

Download the documentation of the CNC bending machine FTX

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