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R21xx - Twin Head CNC Bending

A twin head machine with multiple loading and feeding option with a limited distance between last two bends.

Main Characteristics

  • Wire,
  • Ø 1,8-12mm / .065-.47”
  • Tensile 600 N/mm2 – 85Ksi to 1,800 N/mm2 - 200 Ksi
  • 6 servos
  • From Coiled, Cut-to-length Material or both
  • 3D
  • Ideal for large symmetrical parts production runs
  • Optional Rotary Straightener
  • Collapsible orientation head for limited last length
  • 2 Independent bending head
  • Tooling easy to set up and program, compatible with current robomac
  • User Friendly interface with touch screen, tool editor and real time simulation production

Available Models R2106 R2108 R2110 R2112
Wire Diameter Range
3-6 mm /.12-.25” 3.5-10mm/.14-.41” 3.5-10mm/.14-.41” 4-12mm/.16-.47”
600 N/mm2 – 85 Ksi 600 N/mm2 – 85 Ksi 600 N/mm2 – 85 Ksi 600 N/mm2 – 85 Ksi
Overall length fed 4,000mm /157.5” 4,000mm /157.5” 4,000mm /157.5” 4,000mm /157.5”
Power requirement - 400v. 3Ph. 10Kva 10Kva 10Kva 10Kva
Overall dimension of the bender without accessories 4,600x 2,500mm / 157.5x99.0” 4,600x 2,500mm / 157.5x99.0” 4,600x 2,500mm / 157.5x99.0” 4,600x 2,500mm / 157.5x99.0”
Net Weight without pay off 3,500 kg – 7,700 lbs 3500 3,500 kg – 7,700 lbs 3,500 kg – 7,700 lbs 3,500 kg – 7,700 lbs

R21xx - Twin Head CNC Bending

R21xx - Twin Head CNC Bending

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R21xx - Twin Head CNC Bending